Gram Special

Gram Special

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.Gram Special
Product information:
Gram Special is a specially designed plant nourishing tonic for comprehensive growth, development and higher productivity in Gram and Chickpea crops. 
•    Inorganic–Trace amount of micronutrient 
•    Organic–Proteins, amino acid derivatives, Preservatives, Stabilizers and Aqueous Diluents. 
•    Microbial-Hormones of Microbial origin and Growth promoters. 

Special features:
•    Gram special increases the initial vigour of plant and induces disease & pest resistance. 
•    Gram special increases the number of leaves, shoots and nodules per plant, thereby improves the growth of pulses plant. 
•    Gram special improves the quality and quantity of yield in all pulses. 

Dosage & Application:
Dissolve 3ml gram special per litre water and spray until the foliage is completely covered. 
•        First spray: 30 days after sowing 
•        Second spray: 15 days after first spraying. 

•    Suitable for Grams 
•    Compatible with all other agrochemicals